About Michelle Obama!

17 04 2012

This is about Michelle Obama.She was born in January 17th in 1964. She was born in Chicago. It would be cool to be born in Chicago. She is the first African American to be the first lady. That would be cool to be the first African American first lady. Her age is 48 Shes pretty young. By sixth grade Michelle Obama was attending gifted classes were she leared French and took accelerated courses. I want to learn French that  sounds really cool I hope I can. Her Education is Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, Princeton University, Harvard Law School. Wow that’s a lot of school’s. I,m gonna be a doctor and that’s a lot of years. Her job is a lawyer. That’s what I know about Michelle Obama.

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About the Abenaki Indians

13 04 2012

This is about the Abenaki Indians.

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My Hobbies!!!

23 03 2012

I have lots of hobbies so I’m going to list them. My first hobby is….

  • Biking
  • Playing outside
  • Shopping
  • Watching TV
  • Playing softball
  • Playing soccer
  • Playing  on the computer

Biking is really fun! My family and I always go for bike ride in the summer and spring.  We go on the causeway.  Its really fun.

By public-domain-image.com

 Have you ever been biking before?

Blogging Challenge #3

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About My Voki

16 03 2012

My voki it  looks like me because it has blond hair and I have dirty blond hair and she has pink sunglasses  and she has blue lipstick. My voki always says  welcome to my blog please leave a comment. She has brown eyebrows. She has a pink turtle neck. And she has a  bunch of people behind her screaming behind her. It’s suposed look like me but it dosen’t really look like me.


Blogging Challenge 2

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What I Learned About Magnets

17 02 2012

We learned about magnets.  I made a glog.

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My Little Sisters Birthday!!!!!!

26 01 2012

My little sisters birthday is soon it’s on February 1st. I can’t  till it’s February 1st  shes going to have sundaes for her birthday instead of cake and ice cream  shes gonna have chocolate ice cream and moose tracks. I don’t know what to get her she wants a toy but maybe I can make something for her I don’t know what to make her. Maybe my mom can help me cook her something. I wonder what my mom and my dad are going to get her. I don’t know what my brother is going to get her he wont tell me anyway. My sisters favorite ice cream is chocolate that’s the only ice cream she will eat. My sister really likes to dress up in princess dresses. Maybe i can get her a new princess dress. shes going to have whipped cream  on the sundaes.

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My Moms Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 01 2012

My moms birthday is on the 12th of January I cant wait till my moms birthday. I made my two pictures for my mom one is of a dancing heart and there are mountains in the back ground and the other and the other picture is purple and there is some black on it looks really cool. My moms cake has buttercream frosting and it has to purple roses on it and it has happy birthday on it in choclate. We have plates and napkins for my moms birthday.

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Christmas Morning

21 12 2011

I just did a comic for Christmas morning it’s cool. There are a lot of presents under the tree im not opening the presents in the picture. My mom is wearing a santa hat im not  but my mom looks cool in the santa hat. There are stocking on the fire place it looks really fun.

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My Birthday Tommorow!

9 12 2011

Today is Friday and my birthday is tomorrow.Its on Saturday I cant wait till tomorrow. My gram-ma flew up yesterday I was so excited to See my gram-ma it was snowing at my house when I got to see her. I got to drink hot choclate  when I got home and I had fluff in the hot chocolate. My mom is buying a ice cream cake for my birthday its going to be a big cake with chocolate ice cream in it I cant wait.

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In The Winter

1 12 2011

My class  is making books and they are based on When I was young in the mountians   by Cyntha Rylant.We are doing small moments there not big moments there like when you you write about something that happen to you.  But you focus on one thing that happen to you. When you go somewhere special you can only write about one thing that you did. My book is about in the winter and I always played with my brother a lot we had lots of snowball fights. We built a lot of snowmen they had a lot of cute hats on them. It was really fun I cant wait till it snows again.



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