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Sorry I have not been posting  a lot lately. It has been very busy around my house lately so have not had enough time between dance and girls on the run and Odyssey of the mind. But sense there is no more Odyssey of the mind it is much easier.  Hope you enjoy my blog thanks for waiting so long

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On Monday  My brother sister  mom aunt papa and aunts boyfriend Ben and last but not least Ella.  drove to the indoor water park in Lake gorge new york. It took tow hours to get there plus we had to stop for a bathroom  break. Once we  got there we checked in and found are tow rooms. Then we got in are bathing suits and went to the water park. We were there for about five hours. Then we went  back up to are rooms got changed. And got in the car and drove to a store called target. there was a mall attached to it so Ella and I and Ella’s cousin  and her friend went to the mall and the parents went to target. We had fun in the mall trying on cloths and shoes but we only bought one thing a phone case. after that we went to target to find are parents. Then we went back to the hotel and had some dinner.

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My Mom

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My mom just had surgery because. She had a gallstone a gallstone is something like a stone in your gallbladder. So she had to have surgery to take her gallstone out.  My mom starting to feel better and she’s eating now. That is really good but she will need a lot of help when she      gets home because. She will not be able to pick anything up more then ten pounds so she can’t pick up my little sister who is two. So my older brother and I will have to be a big help with my little sister. we are getting ready for my mom at home so she can get better. Guess what I made her a big card that says get well soon in big letters.

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Yesterday I went home sick from school because.  I was not feeling good at all. But guess what when I went to the nurse and my brother was there. So we both went home sick weird isn’t it. Guess what I got the stomach bug. It was not fun I could not eat or drink. So my lips got dry and my tummy was hungry. It was terrible being sick.


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How I Im Creative In My Life

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Im creative in my life. Because I try to do stuff the hard way not the easy. I only don’t do it the hard way if I can’t. But other then that I try to do it the hard way. What also is creative about me is that If I do the thing I can’t do the hard way. I try to learn how to do it the hard way. So next time I can do it the hard why instead of the easy way. And that is what I think is creative a about me.


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My Legend

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We created a legend in class this week about How Monkeys Got Rabies. It was on this program on the iPad  called Toontastic. Toontastic is kind of like a cartoon online. And I hope you like my Toontastic.     



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My Favorite Color

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My favorite color is orange. And I listed a couple of things thhat are orange.

Pumpkins are orange

Flowers are orange

Hair is orange to

cranyons are orange

That is some stuff that is My favorite color orange . What is your favorite color?

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My Abenaki glog

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I made a glog on abenaki indains and here it is

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Alex McGregor

On vacation I am going to the sixs flags resort. That is a place where they have a water park indoors. And they also have a arcade a gift shop. And you can also get a room to sleep in over night so you can play the next day to. I am going  to sleep over for one night then go home after I am done playing at the water park. I am not the only one going My sisters my brother my mom and dad and aunt and my aunts boyfriend Ben. My brothers friends family is going and my friend Ella and one other friend is going too. And we are going to have a blast with all are friends.



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Michelle Obama

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Did you know that Michelle Obama was born and raised in Chicago? She  graduated from  Harvard Universty of  Law School in 1988. And joined the Chicago law firm.   After a few years Michelle Obama decided her true calling was working with people to serve their communities and neighbors. Michelle Obama had two kids Sasha and Molly. She wears fancy stuff like skirts and dresses. She is the first lady She is married to the president of united states of America. This is a picture of the famous lady Michelle Obama.



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