What I want to be when I grow up

Blogging Challenge Week 6

I want to be a bus driver when I grow up. I want to be a bus driver so I  can drive kids home, just like my bus driver Kevin does. I could drive the little kids home in my blue bus. I would drive fast! I would make sure that everyone wears their seatbelts. I would make sure that everyone is safe on the bus. It would be fun to drive the bus!

4 thoughts on “What I want to be when I grow up

  1. Hi Joey

    That sounds like a cool job! I thought school buses in America were all yellow? :) I have my bus licence and drive the bus when my class goes on excursions sometimes. I have to nag a lot to make sure my students wear their seatbelts. How would you make sure all of your passengers wear their seatbelts?

    I love your cartoon :)

    keep blogging

    • Hi Diggers,
      Yes, most school buses we have are yellow. I like the color blue, so I would like to have a blue bus. Today we had to practice what to do in an emergency. I jumped from the back of the bus. It wasn’t scary but I didn’t like the noise. I would check all my bus riders to make sure that they had their seatbelts before I drove the bus. Thank you for liking my cartoon :-)

      Your friend, Joey

  2. hi joey ,
    sounds so good be a bus driver . a bus thats blue sounds cool! you would be a AWSOME bus driver. you would keep every boy safe so thats cool . If i was on a bus thats drives fast i would be relly careful around police. sounds great !

    your friend,
    jayme at MBS

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