My Community at Malletts Bay School

Blogging Challenge Week 2


 I go to Malletts Bay School in Vermont. My teacher’s name is Mrs. Boucher. She is a nice teacher. There are 22 kids in my class. Every day we have a morning meeting. We say “Good Morning” to each other. My favorite way to greet my class is with Sling Shot Bob. He is very loud! 


  Everyday we do reading, math, spelling, science and go to Unified Arts.  I love to go to music class with Ms. Clark. I like to sing with my friends.

    We have lunch at the Bay Cafe. It like Wednesdays the best because that is Pizza Day. 


2 thoughts on “My Community at Malletts Bay School

  1. Hi Joey

    You always make your posts interesting with the photos you include. I LOVE pepperoni pizza!

    I would like to know what Unified Arts is? We don’t have a subject with that name in Australia.

    Keep blogging.


    • Hi Diggers,
      Thanks for you compliments about my blog! Unified Arts are actually 5 different classes. They include: Physical Education, Music, Art, Guidence and Library. We go to Physical education on Wednesdays and Fridays. On Mondays and Thursdays we go to either Art or Music, depending on the trimester. On Tuesday we have either Library or Guidence. Music is my favorite. My teachers name is Ms. Clark. I like music because I love to sing. We sing “These Green Hills” which is the state song of Vermont. Does you school or town have a special song? Hope to hear from you soon!
      Your friend,

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