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My Easter Vacation!!! April 17, 2012

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Hi! This Easter me and my family are going down to my grand parents house for Easter. My to little cousens are coming down. I am going to watch the masters with my dad to me and my dad are really into golfing! My favorite thing to do at my grand parents house is climbing the trees she has one tree that the branches are like foot steps and when you reach the top you fell like you are in a rain forest because if you go up in the tree when it has rained it feels like little drops of rain are on your head. I am going to have a great time at my grand parents and the rest of my family!!!!!!!




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# Daniel - April 20, 2012

That’s pretty cool . Actually I have never played golf , but i hea it is a good sport .


    # techkidjake - May 3, 2012

    I go golfing with my dad every spring at his contry club. It is a little hard but I maneg to play it.

    From, Jake


# Julia - April 28, 2012

Wow Jake
Your Easter holiday sound lot and lots of fun and the imagery you create when you describe being at the tops of the trees made me feel like I was sitting up there as well. Well done.
I also liked looking at your week 5 blogging challenge images and words about your hockey team. How long have you played hockey? What do you enjoy the most about this hobby?
Well done you have an amazing amount of work on your blog and it is all so different and interesting to read. This is good as it will keep people coming back to read your next post.
Well done
Julia (Blogging Challenge Mentor)


    # techkidjake - May 3, 2012

    Well I haved played for Baha for 4 years. Befor I played with burlington I lived over in milton for 2 years . this year I mite be playing for a select team in vermont if I make the team I have to try out. I like hockey because unlike other sports you dont get to meney goels unlike basketball where you can score alot of points. I also like hockey because when you come streaming down the ice with all the wind coming at you. I also like hockey when you can push the other team around if they come at your goile. That is why I like playing hockey!!




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