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Michelle Obama has two kids and a husband. Michelle Obama is the first lady. It means that your marry to the president. She lives in the White House!  She wears skirts and dresses. She was born in chicago.  Michelle Obama’s husband came to Burlington. Michelle Obama works with her husband. That is what I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Blogging Challenge #4


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My favorite color is yellow.

Yellow Yellow,

Makes me think of sun,

It makes me think of melos,

It makes me think like yellow.

 Blogging Challenge #3


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Indians live now and a long time ago. They live in teepees. Indians make there own cloths. Indians pryear at night.  Indians help other indians. That is what I know about indians.

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I am a Harry Potter freek.  Harry potter has a pet owl.  Harry Potter is the best because he is the best actor.  Harry Potter looks serious in his movis.I like the village in the movis. The village in the movis is crowded.  I think malfloy  is a good bad guy because he is great at acting bad.  That is what I know about Harry Potter.

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 I did a community page about dance  studoi  three.   We  were talking  how you do community pages.    We  first wrote them in our  notebook then we typed it after we were don writing them.  I learned how to do community pages.

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Smugs is a snowboard place and ski place.  I take lesson there and Ellie.  They have a very big slide.  They have a water park.  They have places you can stay.  They have a lift. They have a store.

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We made books based on When I Was Young  in the mountains by Cynthia Rylant.  We  made  small momets.  Small Momets are one thing that haped in your live.  I wrote about when I was young.





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I went to the pumpkin patch.  My favorite thing was picking  pumpkins and rideing  the trailer.  I like the doughnots and the apple cide.

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I went to the  pumkin pach yesterday with my class.  We got appall siter and appall siter dnutes .  Then we got to play on the play grownd.  Then we went  to get some pumkins.  I got a big one.  My mom came to she helped me pick up my pumkin.  Then we walked back.  My mom caryd me.  We were back. I got my pumkin and then I went  in the classroom.  My mom tuck my pumkin home. I went on the buss.  I had fun!!

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I like  to play with my famliy.    I am  going to put them in my comic.     You  are going to see a rilly good comic.   I am going to put 3 people in my comic.

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