5 thoughts on “Saint Michael’s College Field Trip

    • Hi Taylor! Thank you for starting a conversation with me! :)
      I used a site called Animoto to create this video. It is really easy to use. All you have to do is choose a theme. Then, you add photos to your video. You also choose which song you would like to play. Last, you can add text like the title and date. I am really glad you liked it!

  1. The thing i liked best about the Indian Brook Reservoir was hiking the entire Summit House.

    At the Saint Michael’s gardens was that I learned about a garden and that they have four life cycles and grow in the winter,spring,summer and fall.

    • Wow Spencer, I really like how you thought about your comment. I can tell that you took some time to talk with Mom or Dad about what you wanted to write. I notice that you tried to share some extra information about our trip. What a great example of a comment!

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