DCF and Red Clover Books 2012-2013

      For those readers who in live Vermont, you are probably  familiar with the Dorothy Canfield Fisher (DCF) and Red Clover Awards. Readers from other parts of the world may be wondering what these programs are and why I am excited that the newest list of award nominees has been announced.     […]

Can You Believe…..

                I have seen skateboarding dogs, dancing cats and racing pigs, but before this weekend I had never even imagined seeing a snowboarding opossum. The Opossum, a nocturnal marsupial found throughout the United States, is not the sort of creature you would expect to find slope side. The generally shy critter is more likely to […]


Is everyone as excited as I am for our February break? Although I am not headed off to some tropical locale, as I wish I was, I am still looking forward to a week of not having to get up at 5:30 each morning! My plans for vacation include visiting my mom and step-dad at […]

What I was Reading Way Back When: Third Grade, Circa 1983

       With the MBS 1980′s dance happening in very near future, and teachers asked to bring in photos and jot down memories of where they were in the 80′s, my thoughts traveled back to when I was in 3rd grade, and more specifically what books I enjoyed when I was 8 years old.  I think you […]

Read Anything Good Lately?

               As I mentioned before, I LOVE to read, and I especially enjoy getting lost in the pages of captivating tale written for kids. I thought that my blog might be the perfect vessel for sharing  some of my favorite books and authors with you, and in return you might return the favor […]