About Me

My name is Sacha Krawczyk, but most of the students at Malletts Bay School  know me as Ms. K. I have lived in Vermont for the past 14 years and have worked in the Colchester School District for the last 12 years.  My official job title is a “Special Education Instructional Tutor” which means I work 1:1 or  in small groups with students who may need a little extra help during their day. This year I am excited to be part of Mrs. Boucher’s wonderful group of 3rd grade TechKids.


When I am not at school I may be found engaged in one of my many interests and hobbies. I am an avid reader and work part time at Colchester’s Burnham Library. I am also very fond of anything related to arts and crafts and my weekends are usually spent engrossed in some sort of project. Some of my other interests include photography, music, kayaking, cooking and traveling near and far.

I share my home with my 4 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Phoebe Sue and a trouble making calico cat named Pippa.

















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