September 1


We began using our Everyday Math passwords and online resources today.  Please check in with your kiddo about this valuable tool!  You have access to an online math journal (even if the real book is left at school), study links (even if the paper is left at school), reference books (even if the hard copy is …. you guessed it, at school), even games!  It’s aligned to the lessons we are currently studying so you’ll see Lesson 1.1 thus far!

We also briefly looked at a Google slide presentation which we’ll be creating for open house!  I sent a notice asking families to email photos to your kiddo’s school Google account.  These are for our special slide show!  It would be great if this could be done sometime this week as we’ll be working on it during our writing time!


September 1

Book Orders & forms

Just a reminder that I’ll be submitting Scholastic book orders this Friday!  If you’d like to order, you may either send in a check and order form to me (check payable to Scholastic Books) or you may order online using the link to the right!  Scholastic has already sent me notices that a few parents have already placed online orders!

If you still have forms at home (from the office, the universal field trip permission slip, the loft permission slip, health forms, etc.) please send them in as quickly as you can!  It’s a huge endeavor to organize and we’d appreciate your help!  Thanks!


August 28

Four Winds and Other Volunteers

It’s been a wonderful week getting to know this year’s ‘Bunch’ and their families!  I have been overwhelmed with the number of adults who are willing to volunteer in the classroom!  I’ve had offers to run enrichment groups, handle class celebrations, special snacks, photocopying … the works!  I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for all of it, and I welcome you into the classroom whenever you’d like!

I am reaching out to see if anyone would be interested in being  Four Winds parents in our classroom this year.  Four Winds is a science enrichment and I had my first taste of it last year!  It’s fabulous, the kiddos love it, and it is run by parent volunteers.  Any takers?

I have a contact email if you are willing to take this on, and I believe the first meeting is September 9th.  Please shoot me an email if you are interested.  The program is well designed, offers training on the lesson, and all necessary materials.  You don’t need to be a teacher or scientist – just someone who likes spending time with the Bunch!

August 26

Welcome to the Bunch!

Whew, what a busy day!  We had lots of fun, at least I believe we did!  Check in with your kiddo to verify this!  :)

Your kiddo is bringing home a folder of papers tonight.  Some of these papers are for the office, some are for outside organizations, some are book orders, and there is an important one from the nurse.  Please go through these carefully and return the forms at your earliest convenience.

Book orders – I explained to the Bunch that book orders are voluntary!  There is no pressure to purchase books!  Many folks do so because the titles are engaging and the prices are reasonable.  With each purchase I am allocated ‘bonus points’ which I use to buy more books for our class.  It’s a good system – but a voluntary one!  If you decide to order books, please use the link to the right “Scholastic Online Ordering” and use the code on the flyer.  I will submit the book order on Friday.  You may also send in the physical order to me, along with a check – PLEASE, NO CASH!  Thanks, again, it is voluntary!

Lastly, please know that each night I will update our Home Practice page.  This will let you know what homework your kiddo has each evening!  It’s a very valuable tool and I do my best to stay current with it, although if I am absent I will not be able to update the night’s homework because the substitute will be assigning the work.

Thanks for sharing your kiddo with me!  We have a marvelous day!  They are a GREAT Bunch!

August 21

Nut Allergy Reminder

Hello everyone!  I wanted to take just a moment to let you know we have a peanut/tree nut allergy in our bunch this year!  Please be mindful of this when sending birthday celebration shares, or daily snacks in with your kiddo!  We all thank you!

August 3

August Apprehension?

Happy Summer!  If you are reading this post, it may be because you are a future member of the ‘Bunch’!  I hope so, but I honestly hope you aren’t feeling anxious or apprehensive!  We’re going to have a fabulous year and I’ve been busy thinking about all the great learning we’ll do together!

If you are kind of nervous, try to relax, and if there is anything I can do to help – just let me know!  I’ll be checking school email regularly now, and I’m also at MBS quite a bit before school begins.  If you don’t mind taking a chance, or finding me sweating, dirty, and in grubby clothing, feel free to drop in!  “The Day I Met My Grubby Teacher” it could make a great short story!   Enjoy these last days of summer!

June 11

Your First Day of Summer Vacation!

Hello all!  And today begins your summer vacation!  The classroom was very, very empty yesterday afternoon!  I couldn’t get over how quiet it was – scary quiet!

Enjoy your summer and visit when you get a chance – meanwhile, please check your Google email account for a personalized welcome message from students at CMS!


June 8

Bayside Picnic Cancellation & Plan B

By now you’ve heard about our Bayside day being cancelled due to weather – time for plan B!

I’ve told kiddos IF it is okay with their grownups at home, and IF their apps are school appropriate, and IF they abide by school technology rules, they may bring in electronic devices from home.

There is always a possibility that their device will not work with the school’s firewall.  Please discuss bringing personal technology to school with your kiddo!

In addition, it’s okay for kiddos to bring in board games from home – we’re going to try to finish our last few tasks and then attempt some rainy day fun!  Thanks for being flexible!

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