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Our Fifth Grade Adventure

Greek Scroll Translation Celebration

Here’s a glimpse of your kiddo’s day!

The Translation Celebration on PhotoPeach

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Exams This Week!

Happy New Year!

We’ve begun the year with a whole new set of units of study!  We’ve started Greek mythology, and are finishing up Unit 6 for math, and finishing our chemistry unit!   This, of course, means a new math unit for Friday, and a return to social studies on Monday.

This week we will be doing many ‘out of the ordinary’ quizzes to prepare for our changeovers and new units of study.  Greek mythology requires a solid vocabulary, therefore we will have mythology spelling AND mythology vocabulary.  Students have been provided with written lists, practice packets which are due Friday, and the list and definitions are located on Spelling City.  Please make sure your kiddo practices the spelling of the words AND the definitions!  Spelling City has many vocabulary practice games and practice tests to assist in their learning.

Students will also be tested on the gods/goddesses of mythology.  They need to know the major deities and their jobs.  We spent last week learning and taking notes, and will continue to practice in school this week, but Friday will be a quiz to identify our ‘major’ characters of Greek mythology so our literature books are easier to understand.

We will also be finishing math and science.  These cannot be ‘studied’ for, although I will be sending math practice home with your kiddo this week.  Science is an open book, performance based test.  This aligns with our entire Chemistry unit.  Kiddos will apply their science protocols to identify the powders hidden within an unidentified mixture.

Lastly, next Monday, students will have a chemistry vocabulary quiz.  They took notes last week on the terms they will need to know and have a typewritten list of the terms they need to study.

Whew!  I know it’s a lot, but you’d be amazed as to what your child has already mastered!

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Spelling This Week

Hi all,

Spelling this week appeared to be an ‘all or nothing’.  Kiddos either did exceptionally well, or exceptionally poor.  I’ve therefore shaken things up a bit.  If your kiddo scored below an 80% on his/her spelling test, I’ve asked that the incorrect words be written five times each, the test signed by a grownup, and both returned to school Monday.

In addition, because of the split results, we’ll repeat list 13 again next week.  For those who did poorly, it is a chance to master the words.  For those who did, well …. no spelling next week!  This gives a second chance for those who need it, and a reward for those who worked hard this week.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me.

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Emergency Book Fair Help!

Miss Hebert has had her volunteers unexpectedly cancel for tomorrow night!  She is desperate for some help working the book fair from 4:00 to 7:00.  She would be very grateful for whatever time you could offer her!  Thanks in advance for even considering it!

And just a reminder – tomorrow morning is our scheduled book fair time!  If your kiddo plans on purchasing anything at the book fair, tomorrow is our day!  8:45 – 9:05!

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Our Class Book Fair time

Our class is invited to shop the book fair  Wednesday morning at 8:45.  If you are sending money with your kiddo, please understand that money cannot be shared outside of families, and that tax is charged.  The book fair is also available online, so your kiddo may use Wednesday morning to preview items he/she wishes to order online.

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A Visible Nucleus!

As we work through the end of our cells units, both with our own class and Mrs. Miller’s class, we did an experiment with a single cell (unfertilized chicken egg) to demonstrate the cell membrane’s ability to allow materials to pass in and out of the cell.

Without fail, students ask if the egg’s yolk is the cell’s nucleus – it is not! Typically, the nucleus cannot be seen when we do this experiment, but this year – viola!

Examine the photo below, the white dot on the yellow yolk is the nucleus! IMG_3441

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Four Winds!

Four Winds Meets Fifth Grade! on PhotoPeach

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Pumpkin Math 2014 on PhotoPeach

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Unit 2 Math Jeopardy

This is the link to the game, hope this works for everyone!

Copy and paste the link into your browser to play!  (Control C = copy)  (Control V = paste)

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This Week’s Mountain Language

IMG_3396 IMG_3397 IMG_3398

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