May 10

The Present

This morning we had a perfect alignment of amazing, informative, thought provoking stories.  I’d planned on showing the Bunch a short video called, ‘The Present’ and to have them write about their responses.

Adding to its powerful message, CNN did a story this morning on a man who scaled Mt. Everest and kayaked down the Colorado River … blind.  They followed up with a segment with teenagers called #I’mtooyoungtovote”  I’m too young to vote, but not too young to …..  It was wonderful!

So – time to amend my original lesson just a tad!  We watched our video, analyzed the characters, and wrote about what struck us in the video.  We then tied in our earlier discussions about the blind adventurer & #I’mtooyoungtovote.  I asked kiddos to generate their own list of what … but I’m not too young to …..

Here’s the list.  My heart is bursting.

#I’m too young to vote

But I’m not too young to …..

  • To make a change in the world
  • To work hard at things in the future
  • To learn from my mistakes
  • To give to charity
  • To pick up trash and litter
  • To be kind and help other people
  • To clean up the planet
  • To raise money for charity and other places
  • To help wildlife
  • To understand important things around me
  • To help people around me who are in need
  • To face the facts, even if I am wrong
  • To listen to other people to make a difference
  • To be humble and kind
  • To take care of the planet
  • To care about the candidates for president
  • To help clean the waterways
  • To help, to say something that needs to change in the world and to help fix it
  • To realize what is happening in the world
  • To have a voice
  • To be kind
  • To help others conquer their dreams
  • To spread kindness
  • To help others in need
  • To achieve goals in school
  • To do my best at everything I do
  • To be myself
  • To forgive others
  • To try to find a cure for cancer
  • To help people who really need help by raising money for charity
  • To make a difference on how people treat their pets
  • To understand what is going on in our state and all the bad things
  • To help raise money for animal shelters
  • To have a safe environment
  • To provide shelters for those who need it
  • To set a good goal
  • To think about my future
  • To be more responsible
  • To make more friends
  • To clean the planet
  • To help others to make their lives easier
  • To have opinions
  • To listen to others’ opinions
  • To care about our world
  • To have a word in politics
  • To understand that people deserve to be treated like humans
  • To have a say in family decisions
  • To make things easier
  • To help out in the community
  • To help make friends
  • To help others
  • To recycle
  • To give care packages to people in need
  • To help people get proper education
  • To realize what is real and what is not
  • To not take things for granted
  • To make the environment safer for those who live in unsafe places
  • To keep going on what you are working towards
  • To take responsibility for the things I do.
  • To take risks and chances for friends
  • To try something before I give up
  • To be who I am
May 3

Our First Day of SBAC & DARE Graduation

Our first day of SBAC testing went well!  If your kiddo didn’t finish the first portion of math – it’s okay!  There will be plenty of time for him/her to finish!  These tests are not timed!

As for DARE graduation – we have a tentative date!  Officer Fontaine is thinking Monday, June 6th!  Save the evening!  Historically graduation is around 5:30 and usually lasts about an hour!

May 2

Just a Reminder

Just a reminder SBAC testing begins tomorrow which means no home practice – besides reading for home reading logs!  There will be no spelling, no math, nor additional assignments.  Also, students may bring mint gum, or other mints to nibble on during the tests.  It isn’t required!  Some kiddos like to have mint during the exams, others don’t.  It’s your choice!

It’s also a great time to encourage the MBS Screen Challenge – after one or two sessions of computer testing, kiddos will have had a lot of screen time!  Books, crafts, games, outdoor fun -are all great alternatives if you are participating in the challenge!

April 28

SBAC Schedule and Upcoming Events

Below you’ll find the SBAC schedule for our class.  Testing begins next week and I’m trying to make it a low key as possible – practice, group work, discussions … all easy going.  I hope this helps reduce anxieties!  The time allocated is not often fully used by students.  It’s helpful if they have an engaging book to read if they finish early.

Also, I’ve updated the Upcoming Events page with the latest dates and events, you may wish to check it out!


SBAC Schedule & Timing   2016

Tuesday, 9 – 10:30  (90 minutes)  Math 1

Tuesday,  1:00 – 1:30  (30 minutes)  Math lesson

Wednesday, 9:00 – 11:00 (120 minutes)  Math PT

Thursday, 9:00 – 10:30 (90 minutes)  ELA CAT 1

Thursday, 1:00 – 1:30  (30 minutes)  ELA lesson

Friday, 9 – 11:00  (120 minutes)  ELA Performance Task

March 24

Volunteer Forms

Hello!  We’re entering the time of year where field trips sneak up on us!  I’ve posted dates for some of our upcoming events, and will continue to do so, and we’ll need chaperones!

If you have NOT already done so, you’ll need to complete a District Volunteer form.  The approval process takes some time, so if you’ve any interest in chaperoning with us – don’t delay in completing and submitting the form!

You can find the form by accessing the Colchester School District website.  Click on the tab for Human Resources, locate ‘forms’ on the sidebar to the left, and look for VOLUNTEER.