Your First Day of Summer Vacation!

Hello all!  And today begins your summer vacation!  The classroom was very, very empty yesterday afternoon!  I couldn’t get over how quiet it was – scary quiet!

Enjoy your summer and visit when you get a chance – meanwhile, please check your Google email account for a personalized welcome message from students at CMS!


Bayside Picnic Cancellation & Plan B

By now you’ve heard about our Bayside day being cancelled due to weather – time for plan B!

I’ve told kiddos IF it is okay with their grownups at home, and IF their apps are school appropriate, and IF they abide by school technology rules, they may bring in electronic devices from home.

There is always a possibility that their device will not work with the school’s firewall.  Please discuss bringing personal technology to school with your kiddo!

In addition, it’s okay for kiddos to bring in board games from home – we’re going to try to finish our last few tasks and then attempt some rainy day fun!  Thanks for being flexible!

DARE Graduation

Your kiddo should have presented you with a pink invitation to DARE graduation last Thursday, but I’ve already found three on the classroom floor ……  so, in case you never saw the paper …..

DARE Graduation is tomorrow afternoon at Colchester High School.  It will begin at 1:30 p.m..  A single student from each class will win a Daren Lion for his/her DARE presentation earlier this spring!  Please join us for this special event!

Volunteer Form

Hopefully you’ve already completed the District’s volunteer form.  This was sent out in September and many of you took care of it then.  If you did not, in order to join us for any trip, you need to fill this out a.s.a.p.!  The District needs time to approve these forms, it takes weeks, not hours!

I’ve included a link to the form here.  Just look under the heading to the right “For Parents”!

Field Trip This Wednesday!

Reminder – we’re attending the Winooski Valley Field Days this Wednesday!  Please make sure your kiddo has the following:

bug spray

sun screen

weather appropriate clothing (We’re outside all day, rain or shine!)

a bag lunch with no glass bottles

Please, no flip flops, crocks, or other inappropriate footwear for wet, slippery, often steep terrain!

We’ll be back in time for regular bus dismissal!  Thanks for your cooperation on this!  Remember, if you wish to accompany us on any field trips, you must be pre-approved on the District’s volunteer list!


We had some unexpected time today, ask your kiddos about hyperbole and ‘call’ them on it if they use it over the weekend!   In case it’s been a while – hyperbole is an extreme exaggeration!   I’ve been hearing an increase of its use in the classroom and thought it would be a timely lesson!  ;)