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Our Fifth Grade Adventure

Preamble Performance

Okay, this wasn’t the real performance of this morning; it was yesterday’s rehearsal, but it’s here for you to enjoy!


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Flynn Field Trips and Companion Workshops!

Just a reminder that a few of our kiddos (only 4) still need to turn in their universal field trip permission slips!  Please do so as quickly as possible, your child has a new form in his/her backpack tonight.

In addition, we’re thrilled to announce the Flynn Theater is funding us for two FREE companion workshops!  Woohoo!  We’ll have artists in the classroom on Monday, October 6th, and Friday, Sept. 26th!  Thank you, Flynn Theater!

Lastly, I am currently accepting checks made out to MBS in the amount of $27.50 to cover the ticket and transportation fees for both shows!  Thanks!

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Book Order Update

Your kiddos have asked me to extend the deadline for this order of Scholastic books!  I am happy to do so!  I will submit the order next Wednesday, September 10th.  This will also automatically submit any orders you’ve placed online!  (Directions for online ordering remain in the sidebar to the right of this post.)   Please remember there is never any pressure to order Scholastic Books, however, each purchase you make buys additional books for our classroom!

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Flynn Field Trips

Good afternoon, grownups!  Our Flynn theater trips are scheduled for October 2 and October 8th.  As I mentioned yesterday, the timing is poor, but the shows are expected to be fabulous!

One of our shows is scheduled in Stowe for 9:30 a.m.  This means we

need to be at school by 8:00 a.m. the morning of October 2nd!

Our second trip, on October 8th is at the Flynn Theater in Burlington, so normal arrival times are fine and transportation is not impacted.

We are also asking families to remit the ticket and transportation costs as quickly as your home finances allow.  The cost for both shows, and transportation to/from both shows is $27.50.  Please make checks payable to Malletts Bay School.  We can begin accepting checks tomorrow!

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Picture Day!

School Picture Day is Wednesday, September 17th!flashing camera animation

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Flynn Theater Field Trips

We have TWO Flynn Theater field trips scheduled for next month!  In fact, the trips are within one week of each other – not the best timing, but the shows sound well worth it!

I will be sending a notice home about payment for the trip.  As always, we ask you send in what you can, and I’m sorry we are simultaneously asking for both fees so soon after the start of school!  Again, timing not the best!

If you haven’t filled out the ‘blanket’ permission slip for 2014 – 2015, please do so.  And although I typically welcome chaperones, on the Flynn trips we try to limit the seats to the bare minimum to help keep the cost down.  Thank you for your understanding.

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Google, Pictures, and Home Reading Logs!

By now I hope you’ve realized this is the ‘go to’ site for information on your kiddo’s fifth grade happenings!  Please enter your email to subscribe to the blog.  You’ll be notified any time I add a post!  In addition, I will change the ‘home practice’ page on a daily basis so you are aware of what your child has for homework (or as I call it, home practice) each evening.  This will not be updated if I have a substitute.


I sent home a notice on Friday about our Google slide show!  I’m asking each kiddo to create a slide all about him/her!  We’ll share our slides with you at Open House!  If you are willing to do so, please email photos to your kiddo’s school email account.  We accessed them today and they know their user names and passwords.  The format is as follows:   The password format is dd/mm/yyyy.  Email me if you have any difficulties!  We’ll be working on it today, but your kiddo may wish to ‘play’ with the slide while at home!  It’s the magic of Google!

Home Reading Logs

Standard home practice in our room includes nightly home reading.  I have reading logs that I ask students to fill out each week.  The fifth grade criteria is a minimum of 150 minutes read, at home, each week.  I ask my bunch to fill in a TINY block to explain their thinking.  Below are are few prompts:

  • I wonder what will happen to (character) next?
  • I was confused about ….
  • I predict …..
  • I wish the author had ….. or, I wish the author hadn’t ……
  • I can relate to …..

I’m not looking for book reports!  A single sentence will do!  At the end of the week, please initial the form to indicate you agree with the minutes spent reading.  It’s such a simple assignment and it makes ALL the difference to your child’s academic growth!  There are many copies run off here in the classroom, but if you don’t have one at home, please look to the right of the page and you’ll find a PDF of the Home Reading Log.  Feel free to print as many as you’d like!


Grownup Who Loves Me books!  You should have seen them come home this weekend.  These are basically home school communication journals.  I ask the bunch to write in them daily.  You should be receiving four good sentences each day – three if we’ve agreed upon an accommodation.  I ask that you initial the week’s entry each weekend.  You may wish to write a note back to your kiddo, but there is no pressure on my end to do so.  Many  adults feel it is a great way to keep in touch with what’s happening at school.  In addition, these are NOT graded!  I do not correct them for spelling, punctuation, or content.  This is a private space between you and your kiddo.  I am just the facilitator!  If you’d like to work on corrections, this is completely your choice and I will support it, but the goal is to get your fifth grader talking about the school day!


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Another Quick Glimpse of the Afternoon!

I’ve been trying to mix up our activities and slowly build academic stamina.  Today we continued learning specifics of classroom routine and exploring our student planners.  Tonight your kiddo will bring home a planner ‘scavenger hunt’. Please sign the completed paper and return it to school.   The planner is filled with useful information, reference materials, and important dates, policies, and routines for MBS!

I also asked kiddos to create their ‘leezards’ today.  These are small wooden lizards that we use for lunch count and attendance.  It’s fun, it’s personalized, and they love being creative.  Here are a few glimpses of the day!

A Little Glimpse of Day Two! on PhotoPeach

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The New Bunch!

Well, we had a great day, at least I did!  I hope your kiddos came home enthusiastic about fifth grade!  Here’s a bit of what we did today!  I had some trouble uploading some of the photos (why, I have no idea) so your patience is appreciated!


It’s The 2014 Bunch! on PhotoPeach

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Hello to My Sixth Graders!

Wow, I miss you!  I don’t know how many of you still subscribe to our Bunch Blog, but if you do, I’m hoping you can pass this on to some of our kiddos who might not!

Here’s the scoop!

1.  I miss you!

2.  To anyone who wanted to help set up the classroom this summer, thank you!  It was an ‘eventful’ August and I was locked out of the classroom until just last week!  I sent out a spontaneous (as in the night before) invitation via Facebook and was shocked to have three people who saw it, were available, and had grownups who could get them here!  Thanks to Owen, Olivia, and Grace!  I know Evan and Sylvie wished to help, and I didn’t forget about you, honestly!  Check in with the others to hear the full story of the “Classroom Adventure”!

3.  Last year’s blogs – I’ve kept them as long as I could!  Beginning next year, the District will be able to ‘move’ your blogs along with you, but not this year!  I’ve got to archive your blogs, which means you won’t have access to them.  If there are posts you wish to keep, copy and paste those into a new blog or document so you have them.  I think I can keep them through the remainder of the week before having to close them down.  I just wanted to give you some warning so you could save if you wished.

4.  The classroom looks a bit different!  Mrs. Benay doesn’t want visitors for a while, but she usually allows it later in the year if you arranged it with Mrs. Gillard.

5.  Lastly, I hope you are having a marvelous time at CMS!  Our room isn’t the same without you, but once again, I think I’ve gotten the best class at MBS!  I hope to see you soon!  Love ya, Bunch!

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