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Our Fifth Grade Adventure

Another Quick Glimpse of the Afternoon!

I’ve been trying to mix up our activities and slowly build academic stamina.  Today we continued learning specifics of classroom routine and exploring our student planners.  Tonight your kiddo will bring home a planner ‘scavenger hunt’. Please sign the completed paper and return it to school.   The planner is filled with useful information, reference materials, and important dates, policies, and routines for MBS!

I also asked kiddos to create their ‘leezards’ today.  These are small wooden lizards that we use for lunch count and attendance.  It’s fun, it’s personalized, and they love being creative.  Here are a few glimpses of the day!

A Little Glimpse of Day Two! on PhotoPeach

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The New Bunch!

Well, we had a great day, at least I did!  I hope your kiddos came home enthusiastic about fifth grade!  Here’s a bit of what we did today!  I had some trouble uploading some of the photos (why, I have no idea) so your patience is appreciated!


It’s The 2014 Bunch! on PhotoPeach

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Hello to My Sixth Graders!

Wow, I miss you!  I don’t know how many of you still subscribe to our Bunch Blog, but if you do, I’m hoping you can pass this on to some of our kiddos who might not!

Here’s the scoop!

1.  I miss you!

2.  To anyone who wanted to help set up the classroom this summer, thank you!  It was an ‘eventful’ August and I was locked out of the classroom until just last week!  I sent out a spontaneous (as in the night before) invitation via Facebook and was shocked to have three people who saw it, were available, and had grownups who could get them here!  Thanks to Owen, Olivia, and Grace!  I know Evan and Sylvie wished to help, and I didn’t forget about you, honestly!  Check in with the others to hear the full story of the “Classroom Adventure”!

3.  Last year’s blogs – I’ve kept them as long as I could!  Beginning next year, the District will be able to ‘move’ your blogs along with you, but not this year!  I’ve got to archive your blogs, which means you won’t have access to them.  If there are posts you wish to keep, copy and paste those into a new blog or document so you have them.  I think I can keep them through the remainder of the week before having to close them down.  I just wanted to give you some warning so you could save if you wished.

4.  The classroom looks a bit different!  Mrs. Benay doesn’t want visitors for a while, but she usually allows it later in the year if you arranged it with Mrs. Gillard.

5.  Lastly, I hope you are having a marvelous time at CMS!  Our room isn’t the same without you, but once again, I think I’ve gotten the best class at MBS!  I hope to see you soon!  Love ya, Bunch!

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This Week

As many of you know, my father in law has been suffering from ill health since before Christmas.  It is with a sad heart that I tell you he lost his battle Friday morning, just before our Fort Ti field trip.

I will be out the rest of the week to attend to our family’s needs, but I leave the class in good hands – Miss Elmer!  She has graciously offered to substitute for us, and your children are thrilled to have her back!

Thank you for your understanding during tis extremely difficult time.  It’s been a rough spring for us.

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After eight weeks of work, we finish our Wizards spelling program this Friday!  I’m pleased to announce we had THREE teams win their way to the Gray Castle!  Congratulations to the Unicorns, Griffins, and Dragon teams!  This Friday marks our last chance at achieving the level of Wizard, although I will happily accept original fate cards up until the end of the year!

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Please Vote!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the re-vote on our school district budget.  Please make every effort to get our and exercise your right to vote!   Thanks!

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The Crime Scene and Its Verdict by Leah and Grace

Last week we did a court trial in class to find who murdered Felix, that is if he died. There were four suspects, 5 jurors from Mrs. D’s class, and a lot of prosecutors. There also was Alfredo Fettuccine, Gene Poule, Vera Cruise, and last but not least Kendra Goode. Four different kids in my class started as them, but if they didn’t know what to say when they were asked a question, they passed the sign with their name on it to someone else. We were supposed to have three questions for each suspect. Abby was Alfredo, Owen was Gene, Connor was Kendra, and Jake was Vera. Atfer we all asked them our questions, they said their last statement, and then the jurors went in the hall to decide who was guilty. They decided that Kendra (Connor) was guilty. It gave it away when Kendra (Connor) said “I was taking a shower, walking on the beach, baking a cherry pie, stealing Gene’s dog, and painting a picture of Felix.” Connor adlibbed a lot and the evidence also proved it. I think we all enjoyed learning about the mysteries.
                                                                                          The End



The classroom crime scene on PhotoPeach

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The Crime Scene!

Hopefully your kiddos told you all about what they encountered yesterday morning!  A CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED!  Oh no!

Felix Navidad is dead – or is he?  Your child is about to go on a mission to discover the truth!  There will be evidence collection, forensic testing, and alibi analysis!  It’s challenging unit!  Be prepared to check in with your detective each day to find out the latest happenings!

IMG_3006 IMG_3007 IMG_3008 IMG_3009 IMG_3010

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We’ve been reading mysteries for the last couple of weeks, but today really pushes us forward into the actual “Whodunnit” of a classic mystery!  And what better way to learn about mysteries?  Well, that would be to ‘live’ one!

Public thanks to Owen!  I threw the poor boy under the bus today.  I framed him.  Honestly.  Set him up.  A few days ago, I planted a backpack out among the students’ materials.  I nagged them about not picking up after themselves and wasting the resourses you’ve so generously provided for them.  I put on my best actress face and went for it!

“Someone has left this backpack here for days!  This isn’t acceptable!  Your grownups paid for this!  Normally, I wouldn’t invade privacy but this is ridiculous!”  We opened the backpack and began analyzing the evidence.  There was a lunch, money, UVM stickers, and books …. oh, the books!  One book was from our MBS library and students suggested asking Miss Hebert who had checked out the book.  Lo and behold – it was Owen!  Although he denied it, there was no denying the evidence.  He was busted.  I was bent out of shape.  It was ugly.  :)  Until I confessed to being the culprit and we rolled into our vocabulary lesson and the dangers of inferring too much from circumstantial evidence.  Owen was such a trooper!  He rolled with the hit and handled it with grace.  I was so proud of him!  He’s now a member of the elite ‘I Was Framed by Mrs. Buswell’ club!  It takes strength of character to do this and he was carefully chosen because of his wit and maturity.  Of course, then I owed him one and you can see the photos of our Pax wacky prize!  :)  Well done, Owen!  Well done, Bunch!

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TP the Teachers!

Our Pax wacky prize!  How do you reward a brilliant fifth grade class for being engaged, patient, and extremely well behaved?  Allow them to toilet paper the teachers!  It was quite a day and they earned this special treat!  I hope they share all about the day!




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