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Our Fifth Grade Adventure

Volunteer Form

Hopefully you’ve already completed the District’s volunteer form.  This was sent out in September and many of you took care of it then.  If you did not, in order to join us for any trip, you need to fill this out a.s.a.p.!  The District needs time to approve these forms, it takes weeks, not hours!

I’ve included a link to the form here.  Just look under the heading to the right “For Parents”!

Field Trip This Wednesday!

Reminder – we’re attending the Winooski Valley Field Days this Wednesday!  Please make sure your kiddo has the following:

bug spray

sun screen

weather appropriate clothing (We’re outside all day, rain or shine!)

a bag lunch with no glass bottles

Please, no flip flops, crocks, or other inappropriate footwear for wet, slippery, often steep terrain!

We’ll be back in time for regular bus dismissal!  Thanks for your cooperation on this!  Remember, if you wish to accompany us on any field trips, you must be pre-approved on the District’s volunteer list!


We had some unexpected time today, ask your kiddos about hyperbole and ‘call’ them on it if they use it over the weekend!   In case it’s been a while – hyperbole is an extreme exaggeration!   I’ve been hearing an increase of its use in the classroom and thought it would be a timely lesson!  ;)


Field Trips

We’ve many upcoming field trips and lots of grownups who wish to come with us!  Yippee!  If you plan on joining us, you MUST be an approved volunteer!  This paperwork takes a couple of weeks and must go through Central Office!  If you are planning on attending any of our field trips, make sure you have been pre-approved!  I cannot have you join us if you are not on the official list!  To locate the paperwork, visit the Colchester School District website!

Thank you!

Unit 9 Math Tests

We’re asking a favor, if you can grant it.  Mr. Taylor needs to review the Unit 9 math tests if you still have your kiddo’s at home.  He’ll happily return them to you, but it is something he needs for his coursework.  Thanks in advance if you can accommodate him!

Just a Reminder

Now that we are two days into SBAC testing, here is a reminder about our remaining testing schedule.

Wednesday testing  9 – 10:00


Thursday testing 9:00 – 10:30 AND  1:15 – 1:45

Friday testing 9:00 – 10:00

Thank you for doing everything possible to ensure your kiddos are in school during those hours!

SBAC Monday

It’s heeerrreee!  SBAC testing begins on Monday and I’ve been asked by the kiddos about mints and gum.  If your kiddo would like to use mints or mint flavored gum during the test to assist in stress reduction, or just ‘cuz – I’m fine with it.  I would ask that you limit the amount you send in with your kiddo each day and reinforce the rule that it does not leave the classroom.

I’m all for anything that makes this easier on them.

SBAC Testing

Grownups,  there are a number of fifth grade classes who are currently giving the SBAC.  One common piece of advice they are offering – make sure children are in school (if humanly possible) and well rested!  They’ve also shared the importance of having self choice reading books handy!  Please make sure your kiddo comes to school with a chapter book in which they are engaged and interested!  I cannot send children out of the room to visit the library during testing, they need to be prepared.  Although I have a great classroom library, your kiddo may wish to have something from home!  Thanks!

Home Reading Logs

Grownups,  we’re still expecting students to read 30 minutes per day (or 150 minutes per week) for home reading logs.  These are a homework expectation and are checked in every single Monday.  Please make sure your child is reading and completing the sheet.  If you need more, they are available by clicking on the column to the right under ‘Home Reading Logs’.  This is a critical aspect of your child’s academic development.  If they have given you the impression we no longer check reading logs, they have misled you.

I’m Back!

Well, it’s been quite a ride since March 5th and my first week back has also been eventful!

My recovery has taken longer than anticipated.  The surgeon was wonderful and I recovered ahead of the ‘curve’ but it was more than I expected.  I am still in a sling, with a fancy pain machine to help me function, but I’m back and happy to be with your kiddos!  I missed them!

We’ve been working on SBAC test practice – these are the computer tests which will replace the old NECAPs.  We’ve been practicing how to actually take the tests, as well as analyzing the way directions are given, and the types of questions.  Students have been managing well and I think we’ll be in good shape for the week after next.

Our SBAC schedule is as follows:

Monday, April 13         9:00 – 10:30               1:15 – 1:45

Tuesday, April 14         9:00 – 10:30

Wednesday, April 15   9:00 – 10:30

Thursday, April 16       9:00 – 10:00              1:15 – 1:45

Friday, April 17             9:00 – 10:00

I realize this is the week before April vacation and I tried to ask most families during our conferences if travel plans impacted the school week.  Please make every effort to have your kiddo in school during those days and times!

If you’d like to view the practice tests we’ve been using, please feel free to do so at this link:

This should get you to a practice site and the kiddos can help you move from there!  Please let me know if you need assistance!